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What Cash strapped Businesses Should be Doing During COVID-19

Now is the time to review your current business debt and financing predicament

Has this COVID-19 Pandemic turned your debt facility and business financing into a whirlwind
of uncertainty? At a time like this when there is widespread concern over the short term future of
your business, one of your first legal and financial priorities should be to take a hard look at your
current debt service and business financing situation to determine whether you need to
restructure your current debt service or balance sheet, search for other debt or equity partners or
take other action. Your goal should be to position your business financing to be flexible,
adaptable and be able to meet your immediate business needs in this ever changing landscape.

You should not go through this process alone. You should engage a knowledgeable and
competent attorney to work alongside you to ensure that any restructuring and financing is right
for you and your business and puts your business in the best position to meet the challenges that
lay ahead.

The attorneys at Beress & Zalkind PLLC are providing safe remote consultations and have
worked with a multitude of lenders of varying sizes to meet client needs. Feel free to call us at
718 513 3588 or send an email to info@bzlawgroup.com.

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