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Do I Need General Counsel for My Small Business?
Do I Need General Counsel for My Small Business?

It is highly recommended that you speak with a business lawyer when you start your company, and have your legal needs addressed regularly. Hiring an outside general counsel can be cost-effective.

Suppose a legal issue arises, and you must take quick legal action. In that case, it will be much simpler to do so if you already have a working connection with an attorney familiar with your company’s details. Additionally, you will have someone on your side who can help create strategic plans that lower your risk and deal with any conflicts or issues that arise.


Opportunity Cost

Many business owners do not consult an attorney until a problem erupts. This can force them to work rapidly to establish a rapport with a lawyer unfamiliar with their line of work. Additionally, the business owner must swiftly navigate a complicated legal scenario and is subjected to extra stress. The business may be affected significantly by this legal predicament.


Financial Cost

Small business owners factor in cost for almost every decision they make. Having general counsel is a decision with long-term cost savings and a high return on investment. If a dispute with a third party arises, it can be expensive to hire an outside attorney at the last minute, and delays can cost you time and money that would have been saved if the lawyer was already up-to-speed on your business model and needs.

You can reduce stress and save money by employing counsel for your small business. Small businesses are susceptible to legal troubles like contract disputes, employee conflicts, and client issues. These problems could harm your company’s finances and reputation. The threat of litigation or any legal dispute is much less stressful when you have a lawyer who can take prompt action.



General counsel from outside the company brings fresh eyes and ears. As a result, your outside general counsel can offer an impartial third-party opinion that differs from that of your company’s internal divisions. Since they are so closely connected in their businesses, entrepreneurs may (understandably) feel emotionally invested. Foster sound decisions by having a second, independent voice from outside the company. A crucial legal and strategic “second look” at your company and its operations can be provided best by experienced business law attorneys.

As outside general counsel, we get a complete grasp of our client’s current business operations, historical trajectory, and objectives for the future. We then provide effective, perceptive, and creative solutions to our client’s legal business issues.

Legal issues can come up at inopportune times and must be resolved immediately. Unfortunately, without counsel on hand to deal with these difficulties as they come up, you will be forced to spend a lot of time searching for the right attorney, which will increase your burden and take away from working in or on your business.


Corporate General Counsel Services

Beress & Zalkind PLLC provides general corporate counsel services at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time, in-house staff counsel. This innovative approach to providing top-quality legal services allows our clients to enjoy the full advantages of having experienced in-house counsel as part of your management team in an affordable way. Protecting your business from legal pitfalls and mitigating risk are the keys to operational excellence. Call us or send us an email to chat with experienced general counsel for your business.


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