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9 Reasons Why More People are Using Trusts Instead of Wills
1. Unfortunately, about half of us will eventually become disabled. Wills don’t provide for disability, but Living trusts can help avoid guardianship.
2. Wills go through “probate” court proceedings to settle. Trusts avoid the expense and delay of court proceedings on death.
3. Wills don’t protect assets from nursing home and other health care costs. Trusts can provide powerful asset protection for you home and life savings.
4. Trusts can protect inheritances from children’s creditors, including their divorces and keep assets in the bloodline for your grandchildren.
5. Trusts help to avoid the additional probate proceeding required for your out-of-state property.
6. Trusts can protect your assets if your spouse remarries after your death.
7. Trust provides for privacy and confidentiality of your assets, while with Wills all your affairs become public.
8. With Wills, your creditors will get paid before your children will get their inheritance.
9. You can do Medicaid planning with Trusts

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Viktoria Beress

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