May 04, 2016
By having a will, you can retain more control over the distribution of your estate. Without a will, the state you live in determines how your property is distributed.
April 09, 2016
Покупка первого дома является волнующим событием, меняющим вашу жизнь. Это также немного обескураживает и требует необходимых знаний всего процесса. Каждый шаг процесса покупки жилья должен осуществляться с крайней осторожностью, точным знанием дела и мастерством. Эта статья является общим обзором всего процесса.
April 09, 2016
Buying your first home is an exciting and life changing event. It is also daunting and requires many moving pieces to come together all at once. Each step of the home buying process must be navigated with extreme care, precision and skill. If you are financing the home purchase with a mortgage or other lender financing, there are additional steps that are involved that must be worked into the home buying process. This guide is a general overview of the process.
March 01, 2016
Мне часто задают вопросы по поводу банковских счетов и ситуации, когда пожилые люди хотят вписать имена детей (или одного ребенка) в свои счета (или один счет). Здесь наблюдается простейшая логика, поскольку большинство родителей хотят быть уверенными, в том что если с ними что-то случится, деньги с их счетов и по страховкам будут получены детьми, а их долги и похороны будут оплачены. Однако большинство из них не понимает риска и опасности которые несет эта незначительная операция.
March 01, 2016
I get the recurring question from clients from time to time about joint bank accounts with their kids. An elderly mother or father wants to add their child’s name to one or more of their bank accounts. In simple terms, the logic makes sense, as most parents want to assure that their bills, mortgages, insurances or even funerals get paid and that their children have access to their funds to pay for it. Yet most elderly clients and children don’t realize the risk that this small transaction creates.
Your trust is not working for you?
December 08, 2015
This article provides various options in evaluating whether an irrevocable trust that does not fulfill your wishes or fails to provide the needed flexibility for a change in circumstances. There are several remedies that may be available to fix these trusts even if the trust creator has died or did not retain or give a third party the power to modify the trust.
Что нужно учитывать при назначении детям Опекуна и Попечителя?
October 13, 2015
В предыдущих статьях мы рассматривали роль и значение Исполнителя и Попечителя. В этой статье мы обсуждаем роли других установленных представителей, которые необходимы для планирования недвижимости несовершеннолетних детей, такие, как Опекун для несовершеннолетних детей, Попечитель фондов для несовершеннолетних детей и Покровитель преемников.

Appointing Guardians and Trustees for your Minor Children
October 13, 2015
We addressed in previous articles the role and importance of Executor and Trustee. This article will address role of other appointed representatives, who are necessary in the estate planning which involve minor children, such as Guardian for minor children, Trustees who are in charge of the funds left to minor children and Trustee's  successors.
Offshore asset information sharing under Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).
October 06, 2015
International accounts/assets currently need to be disclosed to IRS for compliance with FATCA.  Do you have some property in another country? Perhaps you have some funds at the bank which is not in the US?  If the answer is yes, then this article is a must-read.  Per IRS newsroom website on October 2nd 2015, “IRS announced reaching a key milestone in FATCA implementation. U.S. Begins Reciprocal Automatic Exchange of Tax Information under Intergovernmental Agreements.”1Is your information kept private and confidential during this intercontinental exchange?  IRS sure hopes so and expects this requirement to be met by its partner jurisdictions. 
June 02, 2015
So you have decided to take the plunge and buy a business.  Congratulations on this major and exciting decision!  You may be doing it alone or you may have one or more partners.   You may be using your own funds or using some sort of financing.  Before you actually get into the nitty gritty aspects of taking over and running the actual business, many moving parts have to be considered, organized and addressed. In most cases, the purchase contract or agreement is the operative document that spells out the details of the transaction and the rights and responsibilities of the buyer and the seller. For example, a purchase contract may contain certain contingencies (conditions) that must be met before a transaction will actually be consummated.  These contingencies can include a buyer’s ability to secure financing, a satisfactory period of due diligence (a buyer’s review of the business operations) based on predetermined parameters, among other conditions.  Or, a purchase contract can be an unequivocal obligation on the part of buyer to purchase the business and on the part of seller to sell the business and to consummate the transaction. 
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